Taking care of hair extensions

Taking care of hair extensions

How to maintain and take good care of your hair extension

Congratulations on receiving your first hair extension. There is no doubt that you will be super excited to get them installed. But, to be honest, it is always better to give them a quick wash before getting them installed even though they might look just perfect out of the box. This quick wash will bring their luster and volume which might have been lost during the shipping.

Let’s look at the wash routine of your hair extension in a step by step manner as you will need to do this once every week after their successful installation. This is a very straight forward, simple and easy thing to do which will ensure the luster and beauty of your hair extensions week after week. So, let us start!

Brush and Detangle

An important accessory for people who use hair extensions is a detangling caddy. Before washing the hair extension always make sure they are secured by one.

Now, let's brush the hair extension. The proper way of brushing always starts at the bottom of the hair extension. This will prevent tangles and knots from accumulating at the bottom. This is usually the case if you start the brushing from the top of the hair extension. Also, remember to be gentle while brushing the hair extensions.


In order to wash a hair extension, first, you have to soak it using warm water. After that, use one-fourth size of any sulfate-free shampoo and distribute it evenly all over the hair extension by gently running your fingers through them. Remember, there is no need to scrub the hair extension. Keep in mind that rubbing will only cause unnecessary tangling and damage to it.


In order to rinse your extension, always use warm water. This will help to open up the hair cuticle and prepare the hair for conditioning.


  • Always make use of a sulfate-free conditioner for your hair extension. Apply it to the hair by gently running your fingers through it. You can also make use of a wide-toothed comb to make sure every strand of hair is coated evenly.
  • Now, rinse the conditioner with luke-warm water and pat dry with a dry towel. Don’t rub the hair, just pat.
  • As the next step, let the extensions to air dry in order to complete the wash routine.
  • Once dried, comb them out with a wide-toothed comb. Now you can install and style your hair extension as you like.


People often think hair extensions can be styled only after installation. But this is not true. You have the option to style it prior to or after installing it. If you prefer to style it prior to installation, all you need is a hair extension caddy. This will ensure that hair is kept securely in place, while you can use both of your hands to style it. 


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