• What Is the Norwood Scale?

    Stages | Diagnosis | Treatment | Causes | Prevention

    Hamilton-Norwood scale or Norwood scale is one of the major classification systems which helps to measure the degree of male pattern baldness. Usually, in male pattern baldness, men lose their hair over a period of several decades. The Norwood scale gives us easy-to-reference images which indicate various stages of balding. Keep in mind that the Norwood […]

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  • Do You Have A Receding Hairline?.

    Symptoms | Causes | Diagnosis | Treatment | Outlook

    How your age causes your hairline to recede? It is a fact that having a receding hairline is always related to your age. This will result in significant hair loss and alopecia in most cases and may require you to have regular medications. Generally, women are less likely to have a receding hairline. Instead, they […]