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These days, you do not need any formal study on the subject to establish the popularity of beards. Look around and you see beards everywhere! Why do you think beards are so popular these days? Certainly, not because they keep your face warm. Rather, growing nicely trimmed beards have more to do with the style and appearance of the person. But what if you are one among those who have trouble growing facial hair? Let us first discuss some reasons behind having reduced facial hair growth

Factors which seem to affect facial hair growth

1. Testosterone

It is a common myth amongst people that the male sex hormone, namely testosterone, the male sex hormone, is responsible for facial hair growth. In reality, the level of this hormone is almost similar in most men and low testosterone is usually indicated by various other symptoms, like decreased muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, development of breast tissue, infertility, etc. Therefore, be aware of the fact that there is no point in taking testosterone supplements from your doctor for facial hair growth.

2. Skin conditions

In some very rare cases, certain skin conditions are found to be the reason for a lack of facial hair growth. In such cases, make sure to consult a good dermatologist who can help you.

3. Hypothyroidism

In some cases, hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid gland can cause slow-growing facial hair.

a. Iron deficiency or anemia

This can also be a cause for your inability to grow thick facial hair.

b. Genetics

To be frank, genetics play a very crucial role in the growth of facial hair. If your grandfather and father had difficulty in growing a thick beard, it is very likely that you will also struggle with it. But, still, there are some decent tricks you can try to encourage your facial hair growth.

Tips for better facial hair growth
Here are some tips to consider for better facial hair growth.

Beard-boosting supplements – Are they worth the trouble?

These days, there are several beard-boosting supplements and creams available through both online and offline market, which claims to give you thicker and fuller beards. As getting thick facial hair is very essential to your style statement, many men who have trouble with growing facial hair are falling prey to these products. In spite of what these companies claim about their products, be aware of the fact that all these products lack scientific credibility.

1. Taking vitamin supplements

Studies show that vitamin D can activate dormant hair on your face and improve your facial hair growth. Apart from this, vitamin B-12, vitamin B3 and dietary supplements like biotin have also shown good results regarding facial hair growth. Several other supplements also promote the growth of facial hair by providing nutrients such as biotin, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

2. Concentrate more on your diet and sleep

Be it your beard or your hair, there is a small chance that you can improve their growth by having good sleep and by eating a well-balanced diet which includes all the necessary nutrients.

a. Reduce Stress

Make sure to lower your stress levels because sometimes having a really stressful life can affect your facial hair growth negatively.

b. Quit Smoking

Some studies regarding this show that smokers generally tend to lose more hair and so it is better if you can avoid smoking.

c. Take care of your Skin

Remember, strong and healthy hair can grow only on healthy skin. So, always make sure to follow a good skincare routine according to your skin type.

Beard implants

Even though you can do this, it’s a rather complex and costly solution for a minor problem and is not recommended unless you are that desperate to grow a beard.

Bottom line:

It is true that if you provide a healthy environment for facial hair growth, you can certainly hide the patchy spots on your beard and thicken it. But, if hereditary is playing a part in your slow facial hair these supplements are not going to work. You better accept the fact that your body wasn’t meant to grow a beard.

As far as your appearance is concerned, take solace in the fact that fashion trends change often and it won’t be long enough before a smooth face will be back and trending in fashion.

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