Hair Tools for Travel - How Important Are They?

Hair Tools for Travel - How Important Are They?

Are you a traveler who wants to take good care of your hair along the journey? If so, you will have to carry various hair tools with you depending upon multiple factors such as the type of trip you are taking, your maintenance routine, budget, daily outings, and patience. Packing the right tool always help irrespective of your hair type and hairstyle.

 Always be selective when selecting hair tools for your travel. If you buy the first one you saw, it might not last the entire journey. Also, keep in mind that size does matter in case of travel hair tools because it is always difficult to carry a full-size hair straightener with you on long journeys.


Things to consider while shopping for travel hair tools

 a) Identify the voltage & adapter requirements.

 First, you have to determine whether you want a single or dual voltage device. Then depending upon where you are going, you can either choose a domestic or international adapter. If your destination is across continents, it is better to invest on an international adapter. Keep in mind that adapters and converters are not the same. Converters alter the voltage while the adapter change the outlet point set up.

 If you travel internationally, dual voltage products are best suited for you. On the other hand, if you are going for a more extended stay somewhere, you can buy your hair tools from there so that you need not worry about voltage conversion.

 b) Identify your hairstyling needs when you are on the go.

 Hair maintenance is something which requires a lot of patience and persistence regardless of the fact whether you are traveling or at home. But keep in mind that you may not have an elaborate hair styling routine while you are on the go. Even then, you will require your tools with you while traveling.

 Before starting your journey, you will have to find what all are the essential tools which you will require for it, considering the events and activities on your itinerary. It is always better if you change to a low-maintenance hairstyle while traveling. Try these hairstyles at home first so that you are sure you will feel confident and happy in your new look. Once through this step, you can decide which hair tools you are going to take with you for the desired look. You are the one to decide whether to carry a hair tool collection with you or just a hair band on your wrist is enough for you on your trip.

 c) Consider the type of trip you are taking before packing your hair tools.

 Depending upon the type of trip you are taking, the hair tools you pack should also change. Factors like whether you are on vacation or going to attend a meeting will affect your hairstyle and the hair tools required. Apart from that, you will also have to see whether you will be on the move often or will instead be staying in one place for two weeks while you are away.


Different types of traveling hair tools

 Styling tools come in all sizes, shapes, and types. Some of the reliable names in this industry are Drybar, Conair, Sephora, and Babylisspro. When compared to styling tools, hot tools are a little more budget friendly. You should also consider the frequency of your travel while buying these travel accessories because you need not waste money on items that you rarely use.


  1. Travel curling iron

 These are perfect travel companions for you if you want perfect curls while on the go. You should also consider your destination and duration of the journey before deciding to go for rechargeable curling irons instead of the traditional one. Here are some of the top travel irons for you.

 a) Conair Minipro ¾ inch Cordless Ceramic Curling Iron – $30

 If you are concerned about power access or plug conversion, these cordless mini curling irons are your perfect travel partner. They come with ThermaCELL butane cartridge which allows you to ditch the cords.

 Transportation Security Administration in the United States allows these curling irons in carry-on baggage as they have only one cartridge installed. Keep in mind that no new cartridges should be packed or checked.

 b) Conair Travel Smart 1-inch Ceramic Curling Iron – $30

Conair Travel Smart is an excellent little curling iron for travel, which is corded. The ceramic coating on this curling iron helps heat your hair evenly and to prevent hair damage from excess heat.


  1. Travel Flat Iron

 For some people, a travel flat iron is an indispensable part of their travel. They can be handy if you have to change your hairstyles often during your trip, provided you have enough space to keep them. Following is a list of some flat irons which you can carry along while you travel.

 a)  Babylisspro Tourmaline Titanium Mini Flat Iron – $30

 This dual voltage flat iron is completely travel sized. Don’t get confused by its size as it is lightweight and straightens your hair like magic.

 b) Amovee Mini Ceramic Flat Iron – $13

 Regardless of your hair length, this mini ceramic flat iron works wonders on it. It weighs 5.64 oz and comes with a two-year guarantee. There is no doubt that it is a steal for this price. It also comes with a heat protectant pouch, which can be very useful for travelers who can easily toss it into their backpack even if it is still warm.

 c) T3 Singlepass Compact Iron – $89

 Regardless of the length of your hair, these portable, small travel iron works wonders on them. What could you ask more when it is only 0.8 inches in size, supports dual voltage, comes with a heat resistant travel cap and a cord which does not tangle? It seems perfect with a two-year warranty.

 d) Rusk Weightless Flat Iron – $80

 This lightweight flat iron is one of Wirecutter’s top choice. They are suitable for daily use, but as they weigh 7.2 ounces and have a 1-inch straightening surface, they are not light enough for traveling.

 Some people love the freedom of movement a long cord offers them, as they can move more than 36 inches from the power outlet while using these irons. Another huge plus point of this model is that their cord won’t get tangled.

 e) Huachi Mini Cordless Travel Flat Iron – $40

 These dual voltage cordless flat iron is a very versatile travel choice. You need to charge it for 2 to 3 minutes for 25 minutes of use. And what more? It can even charge your smartphone in an emergency! Now, that’s impressive. Isn’t it?

 Travel Blow Dryers

 Blow dryers are available on most hotel rooms, so in case you are staying in one of them, no need to carry a blow dryer at all. But what if you are staying with friends, in a hostel, in an Airbnb, or some other cheaper accommodation? In that case, you will need a blow dryer, which is easy to carry. The options available for you are:

 a) Babylisspro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer – $33

 This blow dryer tops the chart with a foldable handle and dual voltage capability. This one also reduces heat damage to your hair as it dries your hair faster.

 b) Drybar Baby Buttercup Blow Dryer – $135

 You can consider this blow dryer when you feel it’s time for buying a full-fledged travel hair dryer. It is a real powerhouse which supports dual voltage and two heat settings. It also comes with a two-year guarantee and superior technology. It has a handy pouch and a foldable handle which makes it easily portable.

 c) Sephora Mini Blast Travel Ionic Blow Dryer – $26

 This blow dryer is compact, supports dual voltage, and has an international plug adapter and diffuser, which make it perfect for travel.


  1. Multipurpose Travel Hair Tools

 If you want to minimize your baggage weight during long distance travels, then multipurpose devices are the way to go with because they will serve you the purpose of more than one product. Some of the versatile travel hair tools are listed below:

 a) Huachi 2-in-1 Flat and Curling Iron – $29

 With this device, you can switch from straightening to curling and vice versa at the mere touch of a button. Some other advantages of this product are its anti-scalding features, support for dual voltage, and an untangling cord.

 b) Honglida Folding Travel 3-in-1 Iron – $28

 When folded these measure only under 7 inches and comes with accessories such as a travel case and multi-tool brushes which can crimp, straighten and curl your hair. It also supports dual voltage. This iron heats up fast and can replace both your curling iron and straightener while you are traveling.


  1. Travel Hair Brush

 A hairbrush is a must-have in your backpack when you travel and switches roles and places you go. Leave big hair brushes at home and go for a travel hairbrush which you can easily carry around. Tortuga has a very affordable range of travel hair brushes for you to select. Some people prefer a wet brush while traveling because they help to remove those messy tangles from your hair after a day in the pool and help to keep your curls under control.

 If you are curly-haired, you might need to brush your hair when it’s wet. For this, you will need a hairbrush with flexible, soft, and wide bristles which can save your hair from getting frizzy. No doubt that detangling curly hair is not only a painful process but also damaging. Wet brushes detangle painlessly, and so they are a kinky haired person’s necessary hair accessory.

 a) HerStyler De-Tangle Brush – $9

 The main advantage of these detangling brush is that they have built-in heat resistance. These brushes work for all hairstyles, hair types and is a perfect match for your travel hair dryer.

 b) Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle Brush – $105

 These hair brushes are lightweight, compact, and equipped with boar bristles. This brush exfoliates the scalp, stimulates your hair follicles, and helps to detangle your hair. Even though these brushes are on the costlier side, if you can afford them, they are a good investment.

 c) Drybar Lil’ Lemon Drop Daily Detangler – $12

 This brush is tiny enough to fit in your travel bag easily so that you can access them any time you want.

 d) Sephora Small Round Shaped Thermal Brush – $18

 This brush has a ceramic coated barrel, which distributes the heat more evenly on your hair while giving you that pleasant frizz-free feel. Not only that, it is cheap and easily portable too.


  1. Travel Hair Products

 Even though all your hair products won’t fit into your travel bag, the essential items definitely can. As a general rule, stock up more budget-friendly products and add a travel size bottle of the more expensive stuff. Some of the most needed travel hair products are listed below:

 a) Everpro’s Gray Away Magnetic Powder – $9

 This one gives you real protection for your hair roots. These powder stick tightly to your hair and won’t leave till you wash it out. You can re-apply these whenever you feel the necessity to protect your hair roots.

 b) Lush Dry Shampoo Bars – $11.95

 Shampoo bars come as bars and not in bottles, which makes them a better portable version of shampoo for a traveler. They can last up to eighty washes at a time, which means they last longer than 2-3 bottles of your regular shampoo.

 c) Fekkai Soleil Hair Radiance and Protection Mist $8.54

 If you are worried about the influence of the ultraviolet rays of the sun on your hair color, while on a vacation trip, this product is for you. It keeps the harmful UV rays away and also protects your hair color all day.  This hair sunscreen comes in a usefully travel sized 1.4-ounce bottle.

 d) Color Wow Root Cover Up – $34

 This is a hair root protector which sticks to your hair root until you shampoo it off. There are many shades available, and you can take the one which matches your hair roots.

 e) Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray – $27

 This product helps create those picture perfect beach waves, comes in a portable package and provides a lower maintenance look while traveling.

 As this comes in a slightly bigger bottle for you to carry, pour this into a travel sized spray bottle before you pack them.

 Bottom line:

 Keep in mind that whatever you do, wherever you go, your hair comes along for the outing. If you’re searching for travel hair products and tools to carry with you, first, think about what are the things you can avoid. For the rest, purchase something of good quality, which is travel sized. Make sure to check the voltage before you buy anything.

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