Cover-up Hair Loss With Hair Wigs, Extensions, And Volumisers!

Cover up hair loss. Use wigs, extensions or surgery to give the needed cover. Walk around confident

Cover-up Hair Loss With Hair Wigs, Extensions, And Volumisers!

What Are The Various Treatments For Hair Loss?

Today there are viable options for many people often able to be implemented as remedies to hair loss implemented with minimum fuss resulting in natural looking head of hair to be proud of while years ago these remedies were much cruder. 

Below are the many options available to explore:

Hair Pieces:

As quite a work of art, the modern hairpieces are an investment in good measure or people who suffer extreme hair loss to instantly gain a great hairstyle with minimum fuss. To suit your desired outcome, there are many options available at different price levels.

While the options are either synthetic or real hair, the prices vary accordingly. For a back up ready to go without any fuss or worry, people opt for two hairpieces of the same style so that when one needs to be maintained or becomes damaged they don’t have to worry.

Regarding wearing and usage, there is little to worry as the modern application techniques ensure that you wear the piece worry-free and live life as normal without any worry about it coming off, falling out or apart, or being noticed by others. 

Hair Extensions:

Gaining popularity in recent times, extensions have come as a mainstream offering for most hair salons and stylists. With a preference for usage is real human hair ‘Remy’ which is the name usually given for this. 

These extensions are made of hair that comes from India, Russia or South America, and is value priced. Being better in quality, hair from Europe is substantially dearer. As the Indian hair is very thick, and strong as also usually straight which can be cut, dyed, colored and set to the desired hairstyle it is in high demand. In years before human hair was mainstream, synthetic extensions were also available.

As the synthetic hair never really replicates the real hair and its properties, it is now usually regarded as a poor choice, but with the price low, it is still attractive for some consumers.

The many techniques used for attaching varied hair extensions, and that which is best to ensure that you are aware of all alternatives even before you commit to a technique or nearly forced into one by a pushy hairstylist.

Termed as ‘weft’ of hair, extensions come essentially matched to the parcel of hairs which then forms the basis of the procedure of attachment. These methods include bonding, gluing, weaving, braiding or using small anchors to attach the hair. 

While extensions require at least 3-4 inches of hair to be successful which are also a viable option for thin hair, or medium to thick hair offering to cover bald or thin areas.

As they are an expensive process, extensions can still be tried when money is not an option and with impressive results. Try out extension job requiring further ongoing maintenance at around 3-month intervals as hair grows out from under the extensions.


Say goodbye to those good old days when hair implants resulted in awful-looking checkerboard scalp with vicious sores taking weeks to heal. No more such worries as technology have advanced even in hair implants. Thus helping people with hair loss get the full benefit painless and without suffering. As it replaces lost hair in a non-offensive manner, modern surgery helps with the least amount of scalp damage possible. It results in receiving hair roots genetically disposed to be strong and resistant to DHT effects that last your lifetime. 

As they are taken from the rear of the scalp, it is also inserted under the hair loss affected areas to thicken and disperse new growth where it is needed. Even though not a cheap route, modern techniques have made this option all the more realistic for sufferers to explore. 

Hair Thickeners/Volumisers:

With thickening properties, some shampoos claim turns to be true to a certain extent. The process is that the hair shaft opens along the length and stimulates to obtain a larger girth.

As it is temporary, leading to the weakening of hair over time, it is recommended as an infrequent measure with styling purposes or similar. Some powders available in the market promotes thick hair covering bald patches additionally.

Not permanent, these are a ‘shake on’ application which is purely a cosmetic option, making you feel good for the special night out and its all the more worth it.  

A Few Words To Wrap Up

Hair loss affects men and women alike, and extensions are a helpful way to conceal those bald areas well and effectively. Together with other methods like surgery, use of volumizers, and hairpieces, they come as a holistic approach to help cure balding. 


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