Costing More For Women Than For Men Is The Same Moisturizer

Why are cosmetics more expensive for women than men? When using a moisturiser with sunscreen what should you take care of? Here are the answers to these questions. 

Costing More For Women Than For Men Is The Same Moisturizer

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Why Go For Anti-Aging Cosmetics? 

Smoothing over wrinkles and keeping dry skin supple, facial moisturisers are a mainstay against the march of time. Women pay a much higher price for that anti-aging weapon than men do as new research shows. 

Finding significant gender-based price differences, in the study dermatologists from Massachusetts General Hospital checked the prices for 110 facial moisturisers from those of the three leading online retailers who include Amazon, Target, and Walmart. 

The question arising is how significant is it? The products marketed to women cost $3.09 more per ounce than those marketed to men on average. 

Lead author Dr. Maryanne Senna explains that it can lead to serious problems like eczema and rosacea if the skin is dehydrated. 

In a hospital news release, Senna added that the study shows that discriminatory pricing persists and remains a real issue when it comes to dermatologic products despite some recent government-led those efforts required to restrict gender-based pricing differences that were found in the retail market. 

How Does Research Classify The Products? 

To classify the products as being marketed either for women or men, the researchers used three product features including language, container colour or graphics, and the container shape. 

Only three were explicitly labelled for women of 56 products they classified as being targeted at women. 47 (87%) included the word men in the marketing language of the 54 products classified as being for men. 

Between products marketed to either women or men, the total amount of fluid ounces per bottle was not significantly different. 

When it came to the number labelled as fragrance-free, offering sun protection or anti-aging properties for sensitive skin, hypoallergic or dermatologists recommended as the researchers found no significant difference between over-the-counter facial moisturisers marketed to women or men. The price was a major difference. 

What Were The Findings, Ultimately? 

In the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, the study was published on April 29. It was then concluded by those study authors that further research into those gender-based price differences of over-the-counter skincare products is indeed necessary. 

When Using Moisturizer With Sunscreen Do You Get Around Your Eyes?

New research suggests, people may not put them on their faces as carefully as they do sunscreen lotions, even though many moisturisers now contain sunscreens. 

Lead author Kevin Hamill, a lecturer in eye and vision science at the University of Liverpool in England, states that similar to sunscreen, moisturiser is not as well applied. 

He adds that they advise sunscreen to be used thereafter in case planning prolonged sun exposure. Any SPF is better than none but it should not be considered the equal of sunscreen, if using moisturiser, they advise one with SPF. 

The Results Of The Study On Volunteers

Moving on for a study, researchers exposed 84 volunteers to the UV radiation and then photographed them using a UV-sensitive camera on two separate visits. Hereby after the participants applied SPF 30 sunscreen to their face on one visit the photos were taken before and after participants or moisturiser thereby on the other visit. 

The findings showed the coverage was worse for the moisturiser as nearly 17% missed than the sunscreen where 11% missed. 21% missed with moisturiser and 14% missed with sunscreen as the difference was mostly due to less coverage of the eyelid regions. 

According to the study published online April 3 in the journal PLoS One most of the participants were unaware they had worse coverage with moisturiser than with sunscreen. 

When applying any SPF cream, the study authors noted that particular attention should be paid to the eyelid area. They suggested in a journal news release that additionally other methods of protecting eyelids such as UV filter sunglasses should be considered. 

Hereby We Wind Up The Discussion Highlighting A Few Matters To Be Considered. 

SPF surely protects the skin when you use it in the form of moisturisers or more evident in sunscreens. Many products help them look good on the skin. With minimum side effects, they help you get around without disturbing sensitive skin as those around the eyes. 

Whenever you buy a product look for the ingredients, whether they are effective and safe for your skin type that includes, dry, oily, or combination type of skin textures. For more of them, there are always these products coming with natural ingredients soothing and calming dry itchy skin. 

When you go for moisturiser containing sunscreen protection of SPF 30 or more, you can be sure you will be protected in case of prolonged sun exposure. So now you can choose the product safely

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