• 10 Natural Remedies Which Are Excellent For Hair Growth

    Massage | Aloe vera | Coconut oil | Viviscal | Fish oil | Ginseng | Onion juice | Rosemary oil | Geranium oil | Lemon |

    There is no doubt that everyone wants to have healthy good looking hair and we all are interested to know the different ways in which we can improve our hair growth. In fact, there are various natural remedies available these days, which can help you to have lustrous, beautiful looking hair. Ten such natural remedies […]

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  • Is Carrot Oil Beneficial for Your Hair?

    Benefits | Risks | How to use | Effectiveness

    Overview Applying carrot oil in your hair is said to be beneficial for nourishing your hair. But, this claim is circumstantial. Users report that carrot oil makes hair softer, helps it to grow, and protects it from damage. Carrot oil generally comes in different forms. Sometimes this essential oil is derived from carrot seeds and […]

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  • Different Conditions That Affects Your Scalp

    Different problematic conditions of the scalp and their treatments

    Scalp Problems

    There is no doubt that in order to have really healthy and strong hair, first, you should have a healthy scalp without any problems. In fact, there are many scalp conditions which can cause damage to your hair. Described below are some of the problematic scalp conditions which can cause damage to your hair and […]

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