• Does Folic Acid Improve Your Hair Growth?

    Function | Research | Dosage | Foods

    Overview As a matter of fact, hair growth is never found to be uniform in different individuals. During the course of your lifetime, the quality and quantity of your hair will certainly change. Usually, hair growth seems to be more rapid when you are young and have better health. It begins to slow down once […]

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  • Poor hair and scalp health indicate an unhealthy body?

    learn how your body condition based on scalp health

    Dry Scalp

    Is Bad Hair an indicator of Bad Health? Sometimes, poor hair and scalp health is indeed a pointer to your body becoming unhealthy. This is because your hair health depends on certain diseases you have and on certain medications you take. In other cases, make sure you are not neglecting your hair and are taking […]

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  • Different Conditions That Affects Your Scalp

    Different problematic conditions of the scalp and their treatments

    Scalp Problems

    There is no doubt that in order to have really healthy and strong hair, first, you should have a healthy scalp without any problems. In fact, there are many scalp conditions which can cause damage to your hair. Described below are some of the problematic scalp conditions which can cause damage to your hair and […]

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