According To Your Hair Type, Texture, And Length Determine How Often You Need to Get a Haircut – Part 2

When you are on the way to a good haircut at the salon make sure you have all the needed tips from experts. Good timing in between trims means a good hairstyle. Ge the best style suited for you. 

According To Your Hair Type, Texture, And Length Determine How Often You Need to Get a Haircut – Part 2

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How often to cut long hair?

Here We Discuss How Often Should You Get A Haircut If You Have Long Hair?

Here we get the answer from experts to be every six months, and when it comes to getting a haircut, longer hair requires much less maintenance. As Philip B says it is far more forgiving that many people who have long hair simply want minimal trims that tend to get the hair cut less often so as not to lose length. 

In this context, it comes with a caveat that as the long hairstyles are better adapted to longer times between trims, it is also susceptible to breakage as the older it is the shorter is the hair and in case you are noticing split ends or more frequent snags then definitely it is time for a trim. Depending on your hair texture determine when you should get a trim. For thinner hair, get more frequent trims and for thicker long hair you can go longer between trims. 

How often thick hair needs to be trimmed?

For Thicker Hair, How Often Should You Get A Haircut?

We get the answer from Philip B to be every six months as similar to long hair, thick hair also tends to be more forgiving as you can wait for six months between trims. 

How often you should cut curly hair?

Now, Why Should You Often Get A Hair Cut If You Have Curly Hair?

With curlier hair also the answer is six months and Philip B says it is possible to go longer with curlier hair because you can style it and do things to it. It is possible to stretch out the time between cuts being able to style the hair and he further explains many types of curls and curls patterns are there whereas the commonality for cutting is usually that the curl definition or pattern changes and loses the shape. It is likely time for a trim if the curls start looking lackluster. 

When fine hair should be trimmed?

This Is How Often You Should Get A Haircut If You Have Fine Hair

We find it to be every four to six weeks as the finer hair now tends to show that every cut now grows out less than ideally and in case you need this type of hair cur frequently, Philip B says the fine hair comes to be more susceptible to damage from hot tools and bodybuilding products rather than hair types as frequent trims are key. 

How often to trim your straight hair?

Why Should You Often Get A Haircut If You Have Straight Hair?

Experts recommend four to eight weeks as the straighter hair now grows out really shabby looking and try getting the cut every month or two that is particularly in case the hair is both fine and straight. 

How often to cut your natural hair?

Then, How Often Should You Get A Haircut If You Have Natural Hair?

Here it is every three to four months. Key to make sure the natural hair looks best is keeping the ends hydrated and on chemically treating the natural hair, you can aim for eight weeks as Philip B says that more often trimming is needed with the use of chemicals and relaxers. 

When to get layered hair cut?

Next, How Often Should You Get A Haircut In Case Of Lots Of Layers?

The answer here is every eight to twelve weeks from the experts. Requiring more maintenance is tons of layers and Philip B suggests, you look really stunning after a month and about two months’ time to reshape. As layered hair never grows evenly, the follicle grows at its own frequency and with a lot of different lengths going on. It is possible to stretch a bit longer between trims with long layered styles. 

About How Often Can You Trim Your Bangs?

Finally, do it monthly as you can go longer in case of low maintenance styles like wispy bangs or curtain bangs, where bangs should be a monthly trim. Philip B says that after a month, for styles that land just below the brow, you can go to get half an inch of regrowth as well as half an inch of regrowth that is going to be touching your eyelashes. 

To Sum Up…

When it comes to bangs and fine hair, there is a need for more care. So when you find it to be the best suited for your hair go all out and get it done. 

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