10 Natural Remedies Which Are Excellent For Hair Growth

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There is no doubt that everyone wants to have healthy good looking hair and we all are interested to know the different ways in which we can improve our hair growth. In fact, there are various natural remedies available these days, which can help you to have lustrous, beautiful looking hair. Ten such natural remedies are discussed below.

1. Massage your hair often

Massaging your scalp regularly has two benefits. Firstly, it helps to stimulate your scalp and thus increases the blood supply to the scalp which is very helpful in improving the growth and health of your hair. Secondly, massaging your scalp calms your nerves and helps in relieving stress. The stretching force felt in the scalp during the message is found to help rejuvenate the dermal papilla cells in the hair follicle and promote hair growth.

2. Apply Aloe Vera on your scalp

Applying pure Aloe Vera gel to your scalp and hair once or twice a week soothes the scalp and is found to be helpful in reducing hair loss. Aloe Vera is also found to be effective against dandruff and it unblocks hair follicles that may be obstructed by excess oil application. There are various shampoos and conditioners in the market which have Aloe Vera in them and you can also make use of these in order to achieve similar results.

3. Use Coconut oil

Using coconut oil in your hair is helpful in reducing protein loss from your hair because it can penetrate deep into your hair shaft and protect it from damage. Depending upon your hair type, coconut oil can be applied either before or after a shower. If your hair is dry, make sure to leave the oil on it for a few hours before washing it. You can also try a leave-in treatment overnight. While applying coconut oil, make sure to apply it not only to your scalp but also to the entire hair. Even though more research is needed to confirm the various effects of coconut oil on your hair growth, people are using it for centuries now, to improve the luster and health of their hair.

4. Try Viviscal Supplements

People who struggle with the thinning hair problem can consider this natural hair-growth supplement called Viviscal. The basic ingredient in this supplement is a marine complex called AminoMar C which has vitamins, minerals, and mollusk and shark powder. All of these ingredients are helpful in regenerating new hair cells as well as strengthening existing cells. Take Viviscal two times a day for at least 6 months. Then only you will start to see the results.

5. Consume Fish oil

Consuming fish oil which contains omega-3 fatty acids can make your hair strong from the inside. This is because they have a lot of nutrients and proteins which your hair needs. Taking fish oil along with antioxidants has also seen to increase your hair volume. Omega fatty acids contained in fish oil helps to boost your immunity too, making you healthier. As far as dosage is concerned, you can follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the bottle.

6. Ginseng Supplements

These are supplements for hair growth which works by stimulating hair follicles. The active component in these supplements is Ginsenosides which have a positive effect on hair growth. As with any other supplements, take Ginseng supplements only as directed and keep checking for any possible side effects.

7. Onion juice for hair growth

Onion juice has been found to be helpful in treating conditions like patchy alopecia areata if you can bear with its unpleasant smell. Not only that, but it also promotes blood circulation on your scalp leading to better hair growth. According to certain studies conducted on animals, onion juice has seen to show better keratin growth also, when applied to your hair. To prepare onion juice, just blend few onions and squeeze them. Apply this juice to your scalp and hair. You can wash it off after 15 minutes and shampoo your hair.

8. Apply Rosemary Essential oil

Rosemary oil is another very good option to reduce hair loss and promote its growth. It is also found to be helpful with the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. For using rosemary oil, just mix a few drops of it with a carrier oil and massage it into your scalp and hair and then rinse it off. Make sure not to use rosemary oil directly on the skin. Always mix it with a carrier oil or to your shampoo and conditioner before using.

9. Geranium oil

This is also another oil recommended which boosts your hair growth by improving blood circulation. You can make a hair mask with it or alternatively mix a few drops into a carrier oil and use. Shampoo and conditioner can also be used in place of carrier oils. Geranium oil is found to hydrate, strengthen, and restore your hair.

10. Use Lemon oil or lemon juice

Lemon oil and lemon juice help to enhance your hair quality and growth. Fresh lemon juice should be applied to the scalp and hair at least fifteen minutes before you shampoo your hair. The lemon essential oil can also be used as a hair mask after diluting it in a carrier oil of your choice.

The bottom line

Always have a consistent plan if you want to improve your hair health. Also, be patient and wait for the results. Most of these treatments will take one or two months to give you noticeable results. Mix up various remedies and be creative in your selection of hair growth solutions.

Make sure to spend time daily for taking good care of your hair if you want them to look nourishing and luscious. Keep in mind that practicing self-care and staying positive will be the right thing to do if your hair loss is due to some stress-related issue. Also, make sure to retain a healthy lifestyle which will help you with your hair treatment plan. You can always talk to your doctor regarding other alternatives such as medications or hair transplant procedures if these natural remedies don’t seem to work for you.

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